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Step Back Into School With SAS Shoes

Teacher Life

I have been on the search for the perfect teacher shoe since I started teaching in 2009. After trying a number of popular brands touted as teacher friendly, I resigned that in order to be stylish I’d have to tough it out with uncomfortable shoes. I am happy to say all that has changed since I found SAS Shoes this year. Now, I know that comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

SAS Shoes are a great teacher shoe brand so you can have comfort without sacrificing style!

My Experience Before SAS Shoes

During my first pregnancy, I could be seen wearing high heels while teaching Beowulf at 9 months pregnant. The impact of wearing shoes with poor support hit me when I became pregnant with our second child. First, poor posture from wearing ill-fitting shoes with thin soles caused terrible back pain. Joint pain in my knees and hips followed. The damage that my old shoes caused has taken me years to reverse. In reality, I could have avoided it in the first place.

My Experience After SAS Shoes

That’s why I am so thrilled to have found SAS Shoes. Their shoes are designed to fit your feet by offering a variety of sizes and widths. Plus, they use handcrafted leather and provide shock-absorption soles for all-day comfort. Not to mention, how stylish they are! They come in a variety of different colors too. In fact, their mission is to make shoes that fit your feet and keep you in stylish comfort. That’s a promise this teacher can appreciate.

I would like to give a special thank you to SAS Shoes for my complimentary Moxie. Not only have I received so many compliments on them, but I can wear them all day long.  Walking around the room during stations or lecturing at a podium without any blisters, back pain, or complaints is a win in my book.  I’m excited to step back into school with SAS Shoes this school year!